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New York State Department of Conservation

The DEC letter outlines the requirements for implementing yearling buck protection with antler restrictions in new areas.  The DEC encouraged the recipient to share the letter with other interested sportsmen so we are posting it here for our members’ information.

The letter is from the DEC Director of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, Patricia Riexinger, and lays out the following guidelines for protecting yearling bucks:

  1. The proposal is based on Wildlife Management Unit(s) not county lines.
  2. The level of support should be determined by a scientifically rigorous survey conducted by the DEC.
  3. The level of support from the hunters in the area should be 67% in support and less than 20% strongly opposed. ( note: We feel that 67% is too high, although it has been met by units in Delaware, Sullivan, Ulster, Green  and Schoharie Counties.)
  4. The yearling buck protection program must exclude junior hunters under 17 years old.