New York State Whitetail Management Coalition

Working to improve deer management and buck hunting in NY

Mission Statement

To organize and educate deer hunters who believe that sound deer management should encompass:

  • The biological needs and scientific concerns of whitetail deer.
  • The safe and ethical pursuit of the whitetail deer.
  • The improvement of habitat to benefit all the natural inhabitants of the land.
  • Improved access opportunities for hunters to land inhabited by deer.
  • Education, relating to the positive role hunters play in the natural ecosystem of animal life.
  • Retention and recruitment of all generations of ethical hunters.
  • Promoting management that will have a positive impact on both the whitetail deer and those that enjoy hunting them.
  • The New York State Whitetail Management Coalition is a non-profit organization expressly concerned with whitetail  (OdocoileusVirginianus) conservation.

Our priority is:

“A healthier deer herd, better deer hunting, and a positive footprint for future generations to learn from, and improve upon.”