New York State Whitetail Management Coalition

Working to improve deer management and buck hunting in NY

What are you getting for your money?

  • Hunters in NY spent $716,000,000 dollars annually on hunting.
  • Hunting Licenses sales bring in tens of millions of dollars to the Conservation Fund.

Not many hunters feel they are getting their money’s worth. We know for certain that only a very small fraction of the Licenses fees are spent on deer management or the improvement of  hunting in New York.

Many New Yorkers spend $500 to $5000 to hunt in other states in states where better deer management is the norm.  Below is what the DEC said about the potential of our deer when changing the buck harvest standards to protect yearling bucks:

“NY’s deer belong to the subspecies, O.v.borealius, which occurs over much of the northeastern portions of the deer’s range – east of the Mississippi from Illinois to New Jersey northward into Canada and given an opportunity to live a few years could produce deer to rival those found most anywhere.” Emphasis added

The potential is here so why does the state do little or nothing to realize that potential and insure that New Yorker’s have the best deer herd possible?