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What members are saying: About Yearling Buck Protection

By davidhartman

“Once and for all, get yearling buck protection done.  NY has enormous potential given its diversity of habitat and quality of terrain.  All we need is discipline and commitment.” William L. Fayetteville

“Would love to see an antler restriction in Unit 3G Dutchess County” Paul H. Verbank

“I am behind this 100%” Adam S. Yonkers

“I’ve been hunting the far northeast corner of Pennsylvania where the 3 point rule has been in effect for 8 to 10 years and the number of 10 and 12 pointers is amazing. They implemented this rule in NY WMU 3H a few years ago and I can already see the results. It would be great to have this implemented state wide.”  Gregory T. New York

“Hope this happens” Jesse P. Syracuse

“We feel antler restrictions have definitely made a difference in WMU 3H and 3K in the past 2 years.”  Joe R. East Moriches

“Should have done this years ago we need it in all of New York state.”  Terence M. North Babylon

“Hope we can finally get this done!”  Timothy K.  Shady


“As a landowner and sportsman, I strongly support the antler restriction” Richard W. Walton

“This is a great idea and all of NY needs to go to this.  It is a great management program.” Jason B. Salem

“There are many of my fellow hunters that would love to see an antler restriction, so that in the future year we may have the chance of harvesting a mature higher scoring buck.  More money could be available to DEC of NY if the bucks were more like the deer in Penn. and Ohio. Only this change to antler restriction can make it happen.”  Gary N. Schenectady

“Here in NY we deserve adult bucks, why should all the other states be known for large bucks and big antlers? We can have it here too if we can have some patience and let the young bucks walk for awhile.”  Theresa K. Greene

“It is frustrating to travel around the country to hunt quality whitetail when the local area is capable of producing mature quality deer.” Peter K. Leeds

“Looking forward to the day when biology not politics will determine hunting regulations.”  William B.  Cambridge

“I have been advocating antler restrictions for several years now. The hunting is so bad on my place in Deposit that I refuse to waste my time – I haven’t hunted it in 4 years. I spend all of my time hunting Westchester Co. and Greenwich CT. where I have a realistic chance of harvesting a mature buck. I also have to spend money every year hunting Ohio for the same reason.” Carmine D. New Rochelle

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