New York State Whitetail Management Coalition

Working to improve deer management and buck hunting in NY



What members are saying: About NYS Whitetail Management Coalition

By davidhartman

“I am so glad to see an organization like this try to help our deer herd here in NY. This is long overdue as year after year we are seeing a genetically inferior deer herd because of the lack of proper deer management. Thank you and good luck.” Thomas J.  Staten Island

“I was thrilled to learn about NYSWMC in Dave Henderson’s article in the Press & Sun Bulletin. Thank-You!!!! Finally someone finally gets it, let the buck grow up and we can all enjoy better herds. Thanks for a wonderful job, and I am already referring friends to your website. Kudos!!!!”  Theresa & Arnold K.  Greene

“Thank you for starting this!  We have a club in Delaware County and we totally agree with everything you speak about.  Antler restrictions are needed.” Joel D. 

“Bring on antler restrictions!!  I wish I found this web site sooner…  avid antler restriction supporter” Brian H.  Mechanicville

“I strongly support your goals.  Good luck!”  John H.  Middlesex

“I am fully on board with NYSWMC mission and am willing and able to participate and help any way possible.”  Brent G. Clifton Springs

“This organization is a great idea and I will be endorsing it in my column next week.  This is the kind of action that gets things done!  My hat is off to you and keep me posted on how I can help.” Dave D. Westtown

“Love the idea; keep in touch” Garrett S.  Darien Center

“Would like to see the deer hunters take back control of deer hunting in NY.”  Richard S. Rose

“Great website” Ryan L. Salem

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