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What members are saying: About “voluntary” Antler Restrictions

By davidhartman

“So many times we let smaller bucks go just to find out the next hunter took it.” Gary N, Schenectady 

 “I was told by NYSDEC that voluntary AR would work just as well.  I sat in my tree stand on the opening day of Southern Zone big game in 2009, passed up a yearling buck (spike), watched it walk 200 yards to my neighbor, who killed it immediately.  This is and will be the scenario played out over and over with “voluntary antler restrictions”.    Thanks for your efforts.” Larry U Walton  

 “Every year I witness small bucks being taken and I ask hunters why they didn’t let it go, and I get the same answer from them. If I passed on it someone else would have shot it later on. But if we had antler restrictions this would never happen again” George V, Whitestone

“I have 2000 acres that I am caretaker and we kill nothing under 8 points. The problem is the neighbors kill everything with horns (3 inch). I have tried to get them to stop but no luck. Have always been 100 percent in favor of antler restrictions.”  George H, Downsville

“We may pass on a small buck but many times he is shot by the hunter on land next to your land. My land is next to a big farmers land and he has hunters and employees who hunt it during bow and regular season. It has hurt my hunting the past 3 years.” Mike M, Vernon

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