New York State Whitetail Management Coalition

Working to improve deer management and buck hunting in NY


Questions to ask in developing policy

  • Increasing hunter access- how can the DEC HELP?
  • What are the sportsmen getting for their hunting fees?
  • What do hunters contribute to the economies?
  • What benefits to society are provided by hunters?
  • What can be done to increase hunter recruitment?
  • What can be done to retain hunters?

Current projects

Larger Older Bucks

Improving Deer management and Hunting is our number one priority. Seventy Five percent of New York hunters felt there were too few older bucks. The best way to increase the number of older bucks is to let them grow for an extra year. Yearling buck protection is supported by the majority of hunters. It is the simplest, fastest and inexpensive management step to implement.


Improving access for hunter throughout the state by educating land owners as to the environmental benefits of hunting and encouraging the DEC to do the same.

Hunter Recruitment

Keeping hunter numbers strong is critical to insuring the continuation of the tradition of hunting and hunters’ ability to continue to manage deer.

Sportsmen Funds

Advocating for spending of license fees in the best interest of sportsmen and preventing the reduction of deer management funds.

Deer Management by State

Insuring that the management of deer is allocated proper resources and not lost in bureaucracy.

Agenda Comments

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